Dedicated Team

About Your Dedicated Team

You can make the smart choice because we hire the best and the brightest

When it comes to the financial health of your company, you need an accountant who not only knows what they’re doing but is also someone you can trust. You can’t afford to risk making critical business decisions using inaccurate or incomplete financial information. And your company’s confidential financial information needs to remain confidential. We understand.

Each Accountant Smart client has a dedicated bookkeeper(s) and CPA working on their account, so you’ll receive the efficiencies of both process and knowledge. Your Accountant Smart team consists of the best and the brightest accountants who have passed our strict testing and recruiting criteria.  Our employees are U.S. based so no work is done overseas. Accountant Smart also carries both professional liability (E&O) insurance as well as employee dishonesty coverage.

Your Dedicated Bookkeeper

Your dedicated full-charge Bookkeeper is responsible for daily entry of accounting transactions into QuickBooks: vendor bills, customer invoices, bill payments, customer payments and deposits, other cash contributions and withdrawals, and accounting journal entries. Your Bookkeeper maintains complete and up-to-date detailed accounting records and provides daily or weekly reports on critical areas of business management.  If your Smart Choice, a la carte or customized service package includes payroll, your Bookkeeper either processes payroll or makes the necessary entries to record payroll processed by our payroll center.

Your CPA/Professional Accountant

The work performed by your Bookkeeper is overseen by an accounting professional who is also a CPA or possesses other professional accounting certifications.  In addition to overseeing the work performed by your Bookkeeper, your CPA/Accountant is there to help you understand your financial results, answer complex accounting questions and help manage your business growth. Regularly scheduled meetings will keep the lines of communication open and your CPA/Accountant will be available to provide additional management tools such as: cash flow forecasting, budgeting and financial analysis, accounting processes, procedures and internal controls, cost accounting and inventory management, benchmarking, and audit preparation.

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